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The Giffords Circus Guide to keeping yourself busy whilst social distancing…

January 12th 2021


  1. Listen to the birds singing – it’s almost spring! Get outside at dawn and dusk and listen to the blackbirds, robins, goldfinches and great tits sing their hearts out. If you’re not sure who the  song belongs to visit to find the bird.
  2. Cook a recipe from the NEW Giffords Circus Cookbook, our favourites are wild garlic linguine and nettle soup – both ingredients you can forage in the countryside in spring.
  3. Learn a new skill such as juggling or plate spinning – but not with the best china!
  4. Draw a picture or doodle every day – Nell was passionate about art, she would carry a pencil and sketch book with her all the time and practiced every day!
  5. Sing! Singing is good for your soul – FACT! The Giffords Company are always singing or playing an instrument behind the scenes – we’ve lost track of how many Tweedy plays!
  6. Bring back the lost art of letter writing, who can you write to? Write to friends and family or look in the media for residents of care homes who are isolated, maybe you can get a new pen pal?
  7. Prank your family! Pop a whoopy cushion under a chair, play a trick or tell a joke. Be more Tweedy!
  8. Make a den – there is nothing better on a wet drizzly day than making a den indoors with blankets and cushions from the sofa and no, you’re never too old!
  9. Write a story inspired by The Hooley, add in fairies and folklore and illustrations!
  10. Put a playlist together of your favourite songs (or a mixtape as we used to call them in the old days!) Here’s our Giffords Circus Spotify playlist with some of our favourite show music from Xanadu last year. We’ll be adding more over the coming weeks.

Share what you are doing (especially if it’s circus inspired) with us on social media. We’d love to see your creations and hear from you!