Hades and Griffin.JPG

To introduce two bouncy additions to the circus - Hades and Griffin! Like our Dalmatians, Domino and Tarquin, they are rescued strays from a Dogs Home in Birmingham. Hades and Griffin had been on the streets before they were taken in to the Dogs Home in Birmingham, where they were looked after for a few months whilst they waited for the prospect of a new home - and when we spotted them we knew we were the ones to have them. We are absoluted delighted with how they are fitting in at Folly Farm, and it is a joy to see Hades and Griffin running out and about in the Cotswolds air on their daily walks, and socialising with the Dalmatians. They are both full of character and enthusiasm, and we look forward to seeing them grow with us. How could anyone have let them go?! Lucky Giffords!