Well it’s been a little while since the last blog – all stations have been go, as always, here at Giffords.

One of the big pre-rehearsal jobs every year is the great wagon re-vamp. With a long tour season like ours even the sturdiest wagon needs a bit of a tweak after all the shaking and dust kicked up down those lovely winding country roads. So our wagons are having some work to bring them up to date before we set off once again - if we’re lucky a van will just need a quick coat of paint, if we’re unlucky it’ll need completely stripping and re-fitting. For instance, I’ve heard the floor of one of showers referred to as being in a “spongy” condition, which is probably not the ideal word for a shower floor. But the re-fittings are under way, and so far so good.

Elsewhere, preparations for the Circus Sauce Restaurant are going well. We’ve been working alongside Silver Ball PR for a new press release for the restaurant, which you should keep and eye out for, and in the near future we’ll be reworking the Restaurant page on the website and giving it the attention it deserves. Ollie, our head chef, has begun to build the menu, and you may even have noticed on instagram that the office got to sample some delicious ice cream. Well, they deserve a break every now and then I suppose.

Ollie is also busy brainstorming for this year’s puppet show, though he has yet to find the perfect food themed song to go along with his team of chefs cullinary skills. If this doesn’t make the slightest of sense to you, take a look at this and all will become clear.

The main item of last week was the Production Meeting, which went very successfully, and was pretty short in comparison to most (about 4 hours all in all, but with lunch of course). We have a great team once again, and everyone is super on task and clued in to what needs to be done. Obviously I can’t give any of the details away, but it’s always exciting when you start to hear how all the ideas are going to come together. One of the most satisfying things about production meetings is that by getting everyone in one room the biggest of problems are soon solved, and it is always satisfying when a simple, inventive solution is found.

And to finish things off, ‘The Thunders’ Tour leaflets have arrived! We are very happy with them, they look fantastic, and we’ve worked hard to make sure they really encapsulate the show. I can’t wait for you to see them, and they should already be starting to appear around the Cotswolds and beyond.

Apologies for the lack of dog news this week, I’ll be sure to give a little re-cap of their adventures soon. Here, at least, is a picture of Tarquin and Griffin enjoying the sunshine.