Summer Manifesto

summer of manifesto.jpg
  1. Blow dandelion clocks to tell the time (just like Sam below)

  2. Get a long skipping rope and some friends and practice skipping just like the Cuban troupe in this year's show

  3. Go and see Malory Towers at Bristol Old Vic - Emma Wise's new production looks amazing!

  4. Wild swim - something of a favourite pastime of ours, much needed to cool off after performing in the tent on hot days

  5. Go for a picnic - pack your favourite treats of sandwiches, Scotch eggs, cake and lashings of ginger beer

  6. Write a postcard or a letter, send a picture or sketch - there is nothing better than receiving post in our opinion

  7. Visit your local city farm - ours is St. James City Farm in Gloucester and learn all about the animals

  8. Forage for blackberries in hedgerows and enjoy eating them with blackberry stained fingers

  9. Listen to the Giffords Circus Xanadu playlist and relive your favourite moments from this year's show

  10. Choose your own fun summer activity and share it on social media using the hashtag #giffordssummeroflove

Photograph by Gem Hall

Photograph by Gem Hall