Tweedy helps St. James City Farm celebrate their 21st birthday...


Tweedy, Giffords Circus much-loved and very mischievous clown visited St. James City Farm in the heart of Gloucester earlier today to cause mischief and mayhem. As part of the 21st birthday celebrations Tweedy presented the City Farm with a cheque for £500, a gift from Giffords Circus to be put towards their amazing and inspiring work within the local community, which includes subsidised riding lessons.


Horses are at the heart of Giffords Circus, so when owner Nell Gifford discovered how the City Farm enabled children from less fortunate backgrounds to learn to ride it was an obvious choice of charity to support.


On visiting the farm Tweedy was introduced to unicorns, goats, owls, pigs and chickens, and he even did a pop-up performance for the families that braved the rain to celebrate the City Farm’s 21st birthday.

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