Laughter is the best medicine for blue Monday

Tweedy in Giffords Circus 2018 (c) Gem Hall

Tweedy in Giffords Circus 2018 (c) Gem Hall

Giffords Circus is urging people to laugh this January as there is no better medicine to fend off the January blues, especially on ‘blue Monday’, said to be the most depressing day of the year.

Blue Monday this year falls on the 21st January 2019. It is a made-up day based on pseudo-science that claims it’s the most depressing day of the year due to several factors; from the gloomy January weather, credit card bills and debt from Christmas and broken New Year’s resolutions.

‘Laughter really is the best medicine’ says Tweedy Clown, and there really is no better expert on laughter than this popular clown, star of Giffords Circus and his one man show Tweedy’s Illusion Confusion, who has been making people laugh for decades.

"I live to laugh and laugh to live" says Tweedy.

"If a tree falls over in the forest and nobody sees it, do all the other trees point and laugh?"

It is believed that laughing relieves endorphins, the brain’s ‘feel-good’ chemicals that reduce stress and tension. A study at Oxford University in 2011 found that laughter increases our pain threshold*. Researchers found that subjects who had watched comedy videos could withstand 10 per cent more pain than normal. 

Comedy is at the core of Giffords Circus much-loved shows and the maverick, naughty and uncompromising director Cal McCrystal is already conjuring up new ways to make the audience laugh in this year’s show, Xanadu, which opens in the Cotswolds in May.

“It is midsummer 1973 in Hyde Park and the flower power movement is at its height,” says Cal McCrystal, director.

“Hippies, hipsters, rock stars, musicians, wild women and global nomads with shamanic horses gather to play, sing, dance, protest and perform. Policemen and a family of out-of-towners get caught up in the celebrations. Will they get in the groove? Nell Gifford builds a pleasure-dome and Tweedy has a job in the kitchen as he thought everyone was talking about “Flour Power”. As evening approaches, the ever more chaotic event careers towards a joyful, transcendental finale. Be there or be square!”

Giffords Circus has seven simple and silly steps to put a smile on your face this January,

1.      Watch old Laurel and Hardy films – Tweedy loves these masters of physical comedy

2.      Buy tickets for Tweedy’s Illusion Confusion touring the Cotswolds in February

3.      Put a whoopy cushion on your teacher/parents/colleague’s chair

4.      Tell some ‘knock, knock’ jokes to your friends until they laugh

5.      Learn a magic trick to surprise and delight your friends

6.      Plan your visit to Giffords Circus new show Xanadu this summer  

7.      Be silly, you’re never too old!


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