Thinking about running away with the circus?


On Tuesday, 8th May 2018, Giffords Circus put on a special ‘one-off’ Q&A session following the evening performance. 

“I am often asked about careers within the circus industry.” Says Nell Gifford, owner of Giffords Circus.

“There are so many roles involved here at Giffords, from performers to designers, directors, clowns and musicians, it is the most amazing industry to work in and is often overlooked as an art form and career option.”

Young people interested in the performing arts, circus, theatre, stage, music, design, costume or comedy came along to ask Nell, Tweedy the clown, fourth generation performer Dany Reyes and Nancy Trotter-Landry questions about Giffords Circus and how they first 'ran away with the circus.'

Fans of the show also stayed to ask questions about the live music and costumes that were both noted as being excellent aspects of the show and how they make Giffords so unique. 

Giffords Circus champions the circus as an art form in this, the 250th anniversary of the modern-day circus and is committed to working and supporting young and emerging artists and young people through school’s activity, performance opportunities and work experience.

Left to right, Nell Gifford, Alfy Mitten and Tweedy 

Left to right, Nell Gifford, Alfy Mitten and Tweedy 

One great example of how Giffords has inspired the next generation of performers was Alfy Mitten, a Circomedia Student from Bristol who was in the audience; 

"Giffords Circus was the spark ten years ago that began my circus obsession. Now that I'm halfway through my studies at Circomedia I can see how positively circus has affected my life. Giffords brings the otherworldly and impossible around Britain, I'm certain they've inspired others in ways we can only guess, to create, and to attempt things they were sure they couldn't."