Chapiteau, Carboot Copies and Chemotherapy

You couldn't write it! I have been struck by the big C again, the other side this time. And so another slog of five months of chemotherapy begins today. I have spent much of this week in the oncology department at Cheltenham Hospital and although it felt strange to be back there, I can honestly say that I felt I was absolutely in the right place and that this is another adventure beginning full of surprises and wonderful things ahead! The doctors and nurses are brilliant - professional, dedicated and determined to heal people.

Therapy in a paint brush

The circus is going well. We have just moved from Barrington to Frampton. We are busy planning for next season and are thinking about our over winter plans to restore and repaint the wagons. I have been spending a lot of time doing copies of Picassos paintings from the blue and rose period.


In London we had a visit from my number one hero Vivienne Westwood. We also caught up with Bibi and Bichu and the whole of the Abyssinian troupe which was lovely – a joyful reunion.

Strong men, Harlequins, Doves, Roses – the circus rolls on.

Only good times ahead!