"Blown Away" - Mid-Way through Tour. Already.

Talk about riding the crest of a wave! Two months has passed since we took Any Port in a Storm on the road. And it has been magical - the most frequently used phrase by circus-goers about the show has been "blown away". The opening at our HQ Fennells Farm was a whirlwind as it is every year - bedding the new in (so to speak!), reacquainting the old, and pushing the 2017 Giffords Circus family onto the road for the summer.

We are blessed not only with the company we keep and the audiences we attract, but the grounds that we visit. Sudeley Castle is magical and mysterious, Daylesford Organic a leading example of sustainable organic farming, the grandeur and splendour that is Blenheim Palace, my old stomping ground in Oxford, at the University Parks. And into London for the combination of hustle and tranquillity at Chiswick House & Gardens followed by a new site for #tour2017 being Stonor Park which gave us a joyous weekend!

The circus has trundled through 10 weeks already. The eye-brow raising moment when you realise over half of the tour has been completed. It always goes in a flash. As ever, Circus Sauce with the new addition of the Field Food wagon is constantly sold out. Be sure to see #anyportinastorm and eat with us before the season ends on 24th September. BOOK NOW!