Two Weeks Today We OPEN

This year will be a masterpiece! Cal McCrystal, Nell and Toti are putting their heads together to work wonders with artistes from around the world. We are blessed to draw talent from Cuba, Brazil, Ukraine, Slovakia, Germany, Spain, Italy, Romania, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Canada, Ireland, Scotland and England. Multicultural and muchos fun!

The farm is alive with the burble of different languages, laughter with different inflections and steps with different energy. It is a high octane mesmerising and absorbing atmosphere. A captivation that we will transfer to our audiences when the show hits the road from Friday 12th May.

Any Port in a Storm will be travelling throughout Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and London until 24 September. We love welcoming back regular faces of all generations, family parties, birthday celebrations, anniversaries of all sorts and seeing the delight on the faces of newcomers. Brighten up someone's summer and buy them tickets!

And Circus Sauce should be enjoyed too. An exciting photo shoot is underway so keep an eye out for fresh new images. Places are limited to 60 so make sure you book a seat for an evening of extended fun, delicious food and a unique experience in the restaurant. We do a lunch service (instead of dinner) on the final Sunday at each ground. Well worth booking to follow the 11am show.

All tickets through our box office 0845 459 7469 for Any Port in a Storm and Circus Sauce.