Things are getting serious!

There is always a shift in energy when the paint brushes come out. The new Art Department is coming on leaps and bounds as we fast forward into spring. It is a glorious time of the year with longer days, temperatures in double digits and colour returning to the landscape. And where better than at Fennells Farm. 

A room with a view

So March is a significant month in the Giffords Circus annual calendar. The animal training becomes more frequent, the need for decisions becomes a little more pressured, and the number of bodies toing and froing from HQ is noticeable with painters, carpenters, printers, electricians, riders. Within no time, art interns will be arriving with their keen vision, sponge-like spirit ready to absorb the creative ideas and help transform Any Port in a Storm to the wonder we know it will be this summer.

In two weeks a tidal wave of creatives descend on Fennells Farm for our key production meeting. It is a hive of activity, ideas being aired, discussed, developed, dismissed and so the show comes together.  We love it, cementing new friendships and working relationships, watching the farm change its face again before we dive into rehearsals in 6 weeks time.

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