A Giffords storm is brewing...

Last week a surge of talent descended on Fennells Farm for the production meeting, a key day for the show's creation. It is an extraordinary day of collaboration. Old working relationships being rekindled and new ones being formed. We all talk, ponder, laugh, question, observe, listen, all working to the same goal, a vision of Any Port in a Storm. The buzz is palpable.

Then follows two or three weeks when so much is done by so few, before rehearsals begin. The show's publicity material is printed and no sooner has it arrived at Fennells Farm than the distribution of flyers and posters starts.  Costumes are being revamped and the cutting room fully prepped. The training of the horses becomes more directed and tighter. Circus Sauce equipment is bought, from more china to new ovens. The menus are finalised and local suppliers contacted. And with days to go until the tent is due to go up, all of the wagons and caravans need to moved as their facelifts continue.

Exciting, busy and crucial weeks smoothing the path for the international influx. The first day of rehearsals is straight after Easter. The tummy of the farm really will expand!

Tickets available for Any Port in a Storm from the box office 0845 459 7469 and through our website www.giffordscircus.com.