Deep Pockets

The last night of the season always goes in a flash, and with mixed emotions - triumph, sadness, relief amongst them. And there is generally an extra buzz around the charitable edge for the evening. This year the final hooray for The Painted Wagon was donated to Maggie's Cheltenham, a wonderful hub for those afflicted by cancer, either directly or not. And having used the facility myself this year, I know what a huge benefit it can provide. 

We are extremely proud that with a packed tent and tempting hog roast to follow expertly provided by Ben Cresse, and with further generous contributions on the night, you helped us raise a whopping £6,500! Thank you to all who made this possible.  The cheque was given to Maggie's Cheltenham this week by our Communications Manager, Tessa Carnegie.

Anna Mason, Tessa Carnegie, Jane Fide

Anna Mason, Tessa Carnegie, Jane Fide

Jane Fide (Centre Head) and Anna Mason (Centre Fundraiser) have said "we feel a relative part of Maggie’s for your wonderful donation is our exercise classes – especially as your shows are so full of energy! Your kind donation would pay for 3 months of exercise classes in Maggie’s, on average we run up to six sessions a week. Or on the opposite side would be our relaxation groups, a vital aide to control the feelings of stress and anxiety when diagnosed with cancer. We are so grateful for your support."

Thank you again everybody xx