"A life without horses is no life for the circus"

Horses have been a constant and integral part of Giffords Circus since we began in 2000. They have dazzled and pleased audiences year after year, and continue to be a much loved part of the show. And our Giffords Circus family.

We ensure that all the horses in our show have a good balance between work and rest, and they have been enjoying a long break at Fennells Farm since the end of our 2015 tour ‘Moon Songs’ in September. With the production team in full swing planning and preparing for our 2016 show The Painted Wagon, our horses are back to work too.

Max and Percy, our Eriskays have been busy over the last few weeks and are doing incredibly well. We are extremely proud of these two! They have such a good nature and nothing seems to faze them. They are dependable, intelligent and gentle and we are excited about having them in this year’s show.

Our gorgeous Friesian Jim continues his training with Dan Fortt, Dany Cesar and Yasmine Smart. A Giffords Circus favourite he is of course taking it all in his stride and is ever the professional.

The Shires, Full House and High Card are loving being out in the fields and enjoyed a rare bit of winter sun on a lovely long hack out across the Stroud valleys last week. Toti has also been using their great strength to help him move heavy logs around the farm.

 Jack, Cartuchio and Dandi, the Spanish horses who paraded beautifully as carousel horses in last year’s show are back training. All our horses enjoy regular visits from an equine chiropractor Emma Phillips but Jack seemed to be particularly enjoying his pampering last week.

Sadly as the weather turns and we find ourselves very wet and windy here at Fennells Farm preparations have moved into the barn. Dan Fortt and the horses have been doing some work in the ring which we have been able to enjoy from our smart new office. Thank you Toti!