Shout out for CIRCUS SAUCE

Chef Ollie and his team have not stopped beavering away since the beginning of the season. Or rather, they haven't been able to stop because people have been clambering to eat in Circus Sauce after the show. Thank goodness we extended it to 60 covers! 

The food as ever has been warmly received, eaten and written about. The end result being a packed restaurant night after night, ground after ground. Most people tend to book into the restaurant when they buy their show tickets, but it is possible to come along without seeing the show. And occasionally we have spaces available on the night so if the band has you revved up, and you just don't want to leave the circus vibe, pay on the door and settled in for a meal to remember.

All hail to Ollie and his merry men, and woman! 

Circus Sauce is open following the last evening show of the day, serves 3 delicious home made courses and is BYO. Adults £25 and children £12.50. Book now by ringing 0845 459 7469.