Sidney - Disco Spaceman

You may recall with our New Year mailer we ran a competition 'Do a Doodle' to design a costume  - we had over a 150 entries.

 In March we announced the winner which was Sidney Hoskins aged 7 with his picture of a Disco Spaceman.

Now 5 months on and  his drawing has become reality.  

This is Sidney - a week ago trying his design on for the first time - doesn't  it look great!

And yes his hair was already that colour. 

Sidney is going to be making his debut at the 5 pm showing of  'Moon Songs' tonight - (all sold out - sorry), revealing to his family, his school friends and the rest of the audience what a fabulous costume he designed. I think they are in for a fantastic evening. 

If you go to our Facebook page @giffordscircus or follow us on Twitter at @officialgiffordscircus after the show, then you will be able to see Sidney in his amazing costume.  

A little star in the making......... watch out Tweedy!