Time to Tango!

This anniversary year of circus is going to be a massive year for all involved at Giffords Circus. Before we embark on that journey, there is just about time to squeeze in another for the Circus Sauce team.

Having spent six months on tour in each other’s pockets you’d think we’d be sick of one another. Quite the opposite! Last year we ventured to south east Asia to sample some wonderful cuisine, culture and a little partying before heading to live in Oz. We ended up sharing a bedroom together in Melbourne. I worked on the end of a pier cooking fresh fish and the others worked in some very good restaurants inland.

Now, it’s time to pack my bags for another pre-circus excursion - to South America. I will catch up with Joe and Dave who are already out there and from the pictures they are sharing already, it looks as if they are mastering the Argentine tango!

We intend to have steak and tequila, beaches and rainforest and of course seven days at the Rio Carnival! All these places, all this eating, inspires us when we conjure up dishes for Circus Sauce; and there’s no better way of trying cultural food than experiencing it in person.

We’re modern nomads, it’s in our blood, and is something we are grateful to experience.