Our second week in oxford


It's been so nice being in Oxford. The whole company has been out and about to museums, restaurants, bars and even the Cowley Road carnival. It is definitely one of our favourite places to be as there is so much to do!

As for food, I've ventured further afield than the covered market and gone to visit the amazing Cowley Road to sample some of the brilliant ethnic corner shops, spice shops and fruit stalls, which are full of interesting produce. Ever faithful to the Covered Market when we're in town, I have also been using the fish monger as well as Bonners greengrocers and each and every of the many butchers.

For the menu we are going to mix it up a bit. The salmon from the fishmongers is so fresh and the shelfish looked beautiful. There was also some lovely looking pork belly which looked very nice indeed. The greengrocer was selling some beautiful figs which I couldn't say no to and Matthew Rice (from Emma Bridgewater) promised me some courgettes with the flowers and some lovely rainbow chard. So a very fresh salmon tartare to start with pickled samphire and chopped duck egg.

The combination of roasted pork and shellfish I love, so we brined the belly for 3 days and we are going to serve it with a shellfish viniagrette and keep it light on a hot day like today, with some puy lentils and the beautiful veg from Matthew Rice. For dessert a simple baked vanilla creme with roasted fruits from the Covered Market.

A great way to finish off our time in the wonderful city of Oxford!