Marco and Minchinhampton

Wow... Monday night was a dream come true. Ever since I first started to cook at the age of 15, all you would hear about is the legend of Marco Pierre White, the first Englishman and the youngest person ever at the time to earn 3 Michelin stars. Well, he came to eat with us last year and fell in love with the circus, so on Monday he offered to cook  with us in the Circus Sauce kitchen wagon, and it was a night I will not forget until the day I die.

Lets start with the food. Native blue lobsters with sauce cocktail, rump of lamb a la dijonaisse and sherry trifle wally lad, was fed to all of the performers and Giffords staff, and the atmosphere was like nothing I've ever seen. There was something so enthralling about taking orders from the man himself, dressing the lobsters and burning my fingers whilst picking up the lamb; 'fingers are for burning'. 

Once the trifles were out and after a pretty long day, we thought we had finished when we heard humming coming from the tent, 'puppets, puppets, puppets'. So we performed the puppet show... probably one of the most terrifying things I have ever done, attaching puppets to our heads and singing songs about soup and pancakes to one of the most famous chefs in the world. Luckily, he loved it and the reception afterwards was amazing!

Anyway, we still have a restaurant to run and food to prep.

I popped into Taylors and Sons the other day (definitely one of my favourite butchers now) and was recommended to get these chickens from the new poultry farm that they have found so we have som beautiful free range chickens for main course. To start we have some lovely roamaine lettuce which I want to do a simple salad to be served with the colcannon which went incredibly well last week with the parsley sauce. For dessert a smashing damson plum trifle. 

A lovely way to finish off a week which I shall never forget; next stop Bath!