Frampton & Minchinhampton

Well Frampton zipped past us! The weather just about held, the restaurant was full and I don't think we could have gone more local than we did! Rabbits from the estate, crayfish from the river and vegetables from the allotments near by to make the fabled stargazy pie, a version of Mark Hix's recipe, who I'm a big fan of.

Now on to Minchinhampton, where I used to go dog walking and kite flying all through my childhood, and where I first saw the circus when I was 11. I am incredibly fond of this place. 

The butcher Taylor and Sons is one of my favourites on tour, they will go out of their way to help you find the best local meat and tell you what they think of it. They thoroughly recommended the spring lamb from the Gatcombe estate which has got me going, as we haven't used lamb since the opening night of the circus when we used our own. So rack of lamb for main course!

As for the starter, I love ham hock, trotters and colecannon, so I'm going to put them all together as a little appetizer with a parsley sauce to dip. Taylors also recommended a poultry farm, so a light chicken broth with liver pate and wings on the side I think!

As for dessert, well, it's a simple one. Bread pudding dripping with butterscotch and nostalgia, maybe with a few poached greengages from Bramlies down in Nailsworth and some organic cream from Woefuldane Organic Dairy in the middle of Minch...

It's going to be full on couple of weeks and we're raring to go!