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Toti and Nell Gifford started Giffords Circus in 2000. Their vision was of a miniature village green circus, packed, rowdy, glamorous - birds and horses and motorbikes bursting from a fluttering white tent - a show for rural families, farmers and filmstars.

Since 2000 the Giffords Circus company of painted wagons has toured the rural Southwest, entertaining over 250,000 people. We have worked with circus artistes from all over the world, attracting some of the best names in theatre creation, including Angela de Castro, Barry Grantham, Molly Molloy (Riverdance ).

We have experimented with the circus form, weaving theatre, opera, dance and puppetry into our show. Giffords Circus shows, whatever the theme, and whoever the director, are always idiosyncratic, beautifully designed family shows. There is always a live orchestra, a clown, handmade costumes, and a much loved goose.