My Beautiful Circus

My Beautiful Circus music inspiration…

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Cocktails for two/Spike Jones

Wedding of the painted doll/Jack Hylton

That's a-plenty/Sidney Bechet

Stevedore Stomp/Duke Ellington

Rhapsody in Blue/Gershwin

Nagasaki/ Warren/Dixon 

Champagne Cocktail/Ambrose and his orchestra

Twilight in Turkey/Ambrose and his orchestra

Music for workers/Eric Coates

Peter and the Wolf/Prokofiev


Paddlin Madelin/ woods/whitey

Singing in the Rain/Gene Kelly

Anything Goes/Cole Porter

Les Patineurs/Waldteufel

In the mood for love/ McHugh/Fields

Nightingale sang in Berkeley Sq/Vera Lynn

Temptation/Xavier Cugat

That's It / preservation hall jazz band

Santiago / preservation hall jazz band

Painting the clouds with sunshine/ Jack Hylton