Hades and Griffin appeared in our 2015 show as ‘The Moon Dogs’. They are enjoying life at Fennells Farm and love the large sloping fields and thick hedges and woods. At night the dogs live in a kennel in the barn alongside the chickens.

Cartuchio and Dandi - In October 2014 Nell met with our head trainer Dany Cesar in Barcelona to search for some new horses for last year’s show Moon Songs. Nell wanted to explore the possibility of finding some rare Cremello or Albino Andulscian horses. They have blue eyes and a luminous cream coat, perfect for a moon show. Working with Tarma from Spanish Horses UK, Nell found what she was looking for in Barcelona, and Cartuchio and Dandi are now living at Fennells Farm.

Jack is a charismatic horse that enjoys performing in the show and being centre of attention. When he is not performing, he really enjoys the attention he gets from people calling into see him, hoping he might get a treat or two.  Back home at Fennells Farm Jack loves being in the field with the other ponies.  The only thing he is not too keen on is the wet and windy weather.  But who is?




Longhope - A few years ago Toti and Nell bought a little bay gelding. They called him Longhope. He had been a little overlooked in the yard where he was living, having not seen a farrier or dentist for some time. His old owner got in contact with Nell and he turned out to be a well-bred show pony by a successful show pony stallion called Ainsty Musical Dream. Last season he appeared in the show ridden by the bear. He has proved to be very calm in the ring, is not at all alarmed by the bear and seems to quite enjoy Toti and Nell teaching the dogs to ride him and lead him .He is about 13.1 and looks like a miniature racehorse. Toti and Nell had an interesting time fitting different saddles for carrying the bear, finally settling on a racing saddle which worked well being flat, light and having no cantle.

Jim is a Friesian Stallion whose full name is Tsijimke.  People think that Stallions are uncontrollable beasts but you would be wrong with Jim.  He used to pull funeral carriages before he came to join us in April 2015.  And he has settled in well and is enjoying his new job.

Jim does have a sense of humour. When he goes into the ring he pretends he has never seen the band before - he eyes them in a theatrical way, all for effect!  His favourite trick is doing a buck before he goes into a canter. He has a fear of  flying objects, like frisbees so the company are very respectful of the games they play when Jim is around.

When the other horses are turned out into the field they gallop off.  Not Jim, he regally walks off. Like a true showman.